Diverse cityscapes and cost-effective crew are drawing in Hollywood film-makers.


Budapest is an architectural paradise. Hosting an impressive blend of old and modern buildings and layouts.   Budapest has the architectural flexibility to disguise itself as other cities. Recently set as Paris and Rome in Paul Feig’s Spy (2015) and notably as Buenos Aires in Alan Parker’s Evita (1996).


The Hungarian studios are regarded amongst the best in Europe and the English-speaking technicians are well revered. Due to the ever increasing demand that is upon the Hungarian Studios for Film Production, the Hungarian Film Fund launched a training initiative to develop the new generation of film crew.



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Where to stay

Being the Titan of Tourism that it is, Budapest has many five-star hotels. Iconic names such as the Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carlton amongst a long list of other perfectly located Hotels along the Danube. With countless high-end restaurants and the city’s world famous Baths and Spas, time spent off set is recuperating and luxurious.

Financial incentives

A 25% rebate based on expenditure is available for movies, short movies, documentaries, animation movies and TV productions that are shot in Hungary with the involvement of a Hungarian Production Company such as Origo. This process is overseen by the Hungarian Film Fund.

Filming in Hungary

We are ready to deliver excellent results to suite all your film production needs. Offering the highest production value in the region, located on a purposely build studio complex close to the city center of Budapest.

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