From generous tax incentives to incredible architectural diversity and everything between. Hungary continues to attract International acclaim for it’s flexible architecture,  meticulous infrastructure and it’s proficient and english speaking crew.

1. Film history

Hungary has a long established history of film,  from the start of the 1900s some of films biggest pioneers were Hungarian. Continuing this prestigious heritage are Hungarian film are directors such as Béla Tarr, Koerél Mundruczó and most notably, László Nemes (Director of Golden Globe Award winning film, Son of Saul). As a result Hungary has an ingrained passion for film and a wealth of experience, which makes for a perfect foundation to build on.


2. It’s a Service Industry

Hungary asserted itself on the film map in the film service industry.  Since the 1980s foreign films have come to Hungary to shoot in Budapest, utilise the hard-working crews, and of course save money.  In the last decade the service industry has exploded; blockbuster films such as A Good Day to Die Hard, Birdsong and Inferno. As a result there is a large, English-speaking crew base familiar with the standards of international movie-making.


3. World-Class Infrastructure

In the last decade four new studios have opened in Budapest and its surroundings, one of which hosts world-class studio lots, Origo Studios, with 9 stages and on-site post-production. Origo hosted Die Hard 5, Inferno and Monte Carlo.


Video Source: Around The World 4K

4. Get Cash Back

One of the major reasons for all this growth and expansion is the 25% Cash Back Tax Incentive for film.  It is uncapped and applies to all filming costs in Hungary (with a few reasonable exceptions). Additionally, there are also loan methods provided to make this money available during the shooting period, so it can become part of your financial plan.


5. Location, location, location… and Set Building

Aside from the tax incentive, productions come to Hungary to immerse in Budapest’s great locations and utilise the local industry’s set building know-how.

In terms of versatility, few compare to Budapest’s, which can look like Prague, Moscow, London, Berlin, Paris, and even New York and Istanbul. At one point Budapest stood in for Buenos Aires and Bangkok.

Large International films requiring huge set builds are repeat customers to Hungary. After discovering Origo Film Group’s set builders were experienced, talented, professional, and the costs are a fraction of that of London, Berlin, or Hollywood.

These factors combine to make Hungary a flexible, well orientated and rewarding host to film.


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