Hungary’s film production industry is set to flourish further. Surging on the global impact that the Hungarian Oscar winning “Son of Saul” has made in the world of Film. Local Studios in Hungary such as Origo Film Group are already seeing the initial effects, however the full impact of the Oscar is likely to be felt three years on from the prize giving dates, explains Mihály Tóth, the marketing director at Origo Film Group. The Budapest based Origo Film Group fully booked it’s 2017 calendar in quick succession and looks set on reserving more dates further down the line.


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The Hungarian Film Fund reportedly said that the Oscar has resulted in raising the curve of international productions coming to Hungary. This is an added attraction upon an already attractive filming proposition due to its tax credit scheme, film crews and locations. Hungarian film production companies have already commenced collaborations with the education system to guarantee the sustainability of growth in Hungarian film.


Some notable mention amongst a variety of productions recently shot at Origo Film Group include Ron Howard’s “Inferno,” Paul Feig’s “Spy” and John Moore’s “A Good Day to Die Hard.”


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