An objective for the Hungarian Government is to turn Budapest into the stronghold of the European Film Industry. Csaba Dömötör, state secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office told a Hungary based news agency. The politician highlighted that results have been and are continuously emerging after the Hungarian Government established new foundations, on which the subsidation of film production is placed.

The infrastructure and capacity of the Hungarian Film industry has tripled in recent years, one of the factors being the Hungarian National Film Fund. It has continually contributed to the GDP and now ranks top of the list of “EU Member States Film Industries, contributions to their countries GDP’s.” An additional contribution to the rise of Hungarian Film is the now widely known, tax incentive. This has been instrumental in gaining the attention of International Filmmakers.

Over the years spent working with “crem dela crem” of International Film. Hungary has been able to develop to the highest standards in filming and infrastructure. In recent years, Domestic Hungarian films have won over 100 prestigious awards. Most notably being “Son of Saul” by Director László Nemes and most recently by “Sing” by Director Kristóf Deák. Both films were awarded the Oscar in the categories “Best Foreign Film” and “Best Short Film”


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The combination of the ever increasing International film production and the development made by the Domestic film infrastructure as a result, has built up extra revenue. Not only does this improve Hungary’s global image but also provides the valuable investment needed for improving and expanding the Film Industry further, in order to accommodate for the growing demand. Dömötör highlights that 2016 held a record sum of HUF 85 billion was spent in Hungarian film by both International and Domestic film crews. This record is set to be broken this year, possibly by as much as double! To put into the perspective by just how far the Hungarian Film Industry has come, a sum of just HUF 33 billion was spent in 2011. “Hungarian film production has a history of 120 years, and consequently obliges us to look upon reinforcing the film industry as a National Cause. We believe it is of the utmost importance that the Film Fund supports a number of productions which are key to processing Hungary’s past. Additionally, of likewise importance is to sustain the increasing viewing rate of Hungarian films in cinema.


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