On the 27th of February, 2017, Sing (Mindenki) became the second Hungarian Film in as many years to win a distinguished  Academy Award, more commonly known as an “Oscar.” Held in Hollywood, the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony had Sing was nominated and won the Academy award for best Short Film (Live Action). The first time a film directed by a Hungarian (Kristof Déak) has won in this category.

The setting for Sing is Budapest in the early 1990s and is inspired by a true story, says Director Kristof Déak. The film details the story of an award-winning school choir, lead by a charming teacher Miss Erika (Zsófia Szamosi). A new girl to the school, Zsófia, played by Dorka Gáspárfalvi, arrives at the school and begins her first set of lessons as part of the choir alongside her new best friend, Liza (Dorottya Hais). Her experience however, sparks a series of events that unravel the true claims to the choir’s success.

 Sing and the four accompanying films made it through the eliminations rounds, which included up to 70 international films. During the countdown to the Academy Awards, Sing was already establishing itself on the International Film Stage. It won the Grand Prix prize at the Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo, the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival’s Kids category and the Adult jury Prize in the Live-Action Short Film category at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival


Video source: Kristof Deak- Vimeo

Sing is the second Hungarian film to win the exclusive Oscar in two consecutive years. Following in the footsteps of László Nemes’ multi-award winning film, Son of Saul. This is the first Academy Award win for a Hungarian film in the Live-Action Short Film category and only the second to be nominated, following István Szabó’s 1963 film, Concert. István Szabó would later go on to direct Hungary’s first Oscar winning film, Mephisto in 1981.

List of Awards that Sing has been awarded since it’s release. 

Academy Awards, USA

Oscar – Best Live Action Short Fil

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Adult’s Jury Award –  Live-Action Short Film or Video 

European Film Festival of Lille 

Festival Award – Audience Award

Lanzarote International Film Festival

Audience Award – Best Short International Film.

Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People

International Jury Award

Best Short Fiction Film

Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market 

Audience Award – One Title Section

Grand Prix – Best Children Actress

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

Audience Award – International Competition

Best Short Film – International Competition

Grand Prix – International Competition

TIFF Kids International Film Festival

People’s Choice Award  Best Short Film

 First Appeared: HungaryToday

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