Why the Movie Capital of the World can’t get enough of Budapest

As productions continually increase the number of setting locations appearing in their films, they need a cities that are able to portray a variety of locations. Budapest has been privileged with ever increasingly being chosen to do just that. What is it about the city that stands it above the rest?

Hungary’s Latest Oscar Winning Film “Sing”

Following the footsteps of “Son of Saul” by László Nemes, a new Hungarian film has won the prestigious Academy Award. In the category of Live Action Short Film, “Sing” or “Mindenki” as it is commonly know in it’s original Hungarian, endured the competative stages of competition to be announced as winners of the famed Oscar Trophy.

Budapest and its objective of “European Film Stronghold.”

After establishing itself on the map of European Film, the Hungarian Film Industry surpassed the majority of its competition. Now with it’s sight’s set on London, Hungary and Budapest in particular look forwards to taking centre stage in the European Film Industry.

Hungary: The Hollywood of Europe?

The film industry in Budapest is flourishing. Each year the number of international and local films rises impressively. Budapest is firmly on the map.

Inferno filming review

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